When a case appears to be at an impasse. When the length and risk of litigation does not seem merited. When the probable verdict is unclear. This is when many attorneys recommend ADR, and mediation in particular, for their clients.

They know that over 80% of all mediations produce a negotiated settlement. They've seen skillful, experienced mediators work with the parties to reach agreement, often averting a lengthy costly legal battle. Yet almost half of all attorneys have never mediated a case.

In this arena, experience takes on a whole new meaning. It means confidence that your dispute will be resolved. It means assurance that your case will be handled professionally, confidentially and efficiently. When it comes to selecting an ADR provider, Arbitration Associates, Inc. has this kind of experience. Experience that gives us the edge. Experience that gives you results.

~Over Fifteen years in the ADR field~
Over fifteen years in the ADR field gives Arbitration Associates, Inc. the experience to guide you in evaluating your case, helping you choose the best process, and in selecting the best neutrals to resolve your dispute. Whether it's mediation, binding arbitration, or a combination of processes like med-arb, we can move you through the process smoothly and efficiently.

~Unequalled statewide coverage~
Our panel of over 70 attorneys and retired judges across the state lets you choose neutrals with the right backgrounds and locations.

~Neutrals with experience, standing, and integrity~
Known and respected in their communities and beyond, our mediators and arbitrators are trusted to be skillful and impartial in ADR process.

~Price-setting leaders~
Known as the price setting leader in the Mid-Atlantic, we have set the prices and our competitors have followed. Always sensitive to the size and type of case, we work to offer you pricing that's appropriate for the case.

~Personal, responsive service~
Personal service has always been the hallmark of Arbitration Associates, Inc. We strive to provide the type and level of service you want. Whether it's helping to identify cases for ADR, explaining the process to the parties, training, or complete case management, we'll gladly work with you. We know the more you know about ADR, the faster you can bring your cases to resolution.

If you have a case that might be right for ADR, or simply have questions about the process, please call us. We'll put our experience to work for you.

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